Sine ethica non est esthetica.

Without ethics, there is no esthetic

DR Klinika is a private consultative clinic of reconstructive and plastic surgeries, having a long standing reputation of quality and expertise since 2009.

All our surgeries and treatments are responsibly and ethically performed in compliance with safety regulations and adhering to the latest scientific standards in order to provide our patients with the best quality care. The founders of the clinic believe that without ethics there is no esthetics. Therefore, we combine sound experience and expertise, scientific progress, high standards of ethics, respect and honesty, as well as full personalisation of services to adapt and fullfil specific needs and expectations of each invidual patient.

Stylish and cosy interior of the clinics reminds of home rather than medical institution, which helps to feel more comfortable and relaxed when taking care of your health and beauty.

Time of consultations should be agreed in advance by phone +37061103003 or email

In case of emergencies we do our best to be available on weekends and after business hours.


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