Chin fat disappears without surgery – a new procedure will be available in Lithuania

Double chin. Men and especially women are trying to avoid photos being taken of them, are hiding behind high neck clothes or stylish scarves and hate their reflections in a mirror. When neck muscle exercises do not help and diet does not bring any results, people resort to chin liposuction. However, according to plastic surgeons, from 2017 onwards an alternative is available.

A new procedure will be available in Lithuania which involves fat removal by special drug injections. Lithuania is among the first 23 European countries that have acquired the license to use this treatment formerly only available in USA and Canada.

According to Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas, DR Clinic plastic and re-constructive surgeon, this chin fat removal treatment starts a new era in the modern plastic surgery.

„We usually dealt with upper face issues by injecting botulinum toxin, middle face area – with hyaluronic gel fillers, and the only option for chin fat was surgery,” – says Dr. Vaičiūnas, „but today we have a game changer. In order to remove unwanted chin fat, we won’t have to perform lengthy surgery anymore – one or two injections of Belkyra will be enough.”

New injectable drug Belkyra – a synthetic formulation of deoxycholic acid – is designed to dissolve fat of the chin. This special formulation can break down the unwanted fat and remove it from the body.

This new treatment is designed to treat moderate-to-severe convexity of fullness associated with submental fat, which often presents psychological discomfort for the patients.

Belkyra is an individually-tailored, injectable treatment that permanently destroys fat cells under the chin. Until now, effective treatment has been limited to surgical options such as liposuction.

„When injected into subcutaneous fat, Belkyra causes destruction of fat cells. When fat cells are broken down, their contents are released. According to founders of Belkyra most patients achieve the desired results in 2-4 sessions. However, if needed up to a maximum of 6 treatments can be performed”, – says Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas, DR Clinic plastic and re-constructive surgeon

Belkyra is a non-surgical injectable treatment for reduction of fullness under the chin only, but Dr. R. Vaičiūnas believes that in the future it will be useful for fat removal in different parts of the body.

The new treatment has undergone rigorous clinical evaluation in United States, including clinical studies involving more than 2 600 patients. Food and Drug administration (FDA) has approved the injectable drug and it has been successfully used on a market for 2 years now.

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