Here’s What You Need to Know Before Getting Plastic Surgery

A short consultation is not enough for a plastic surgeon to fully understand his clients’ needs and wishes. Plastic surgery consultation often has to be a few hours long, similar to a session with psychotherapist. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Renaldas Vaičiūnas says: “a consultation could last longer than a surgery itself. It is important not to try to convince client of anything.”
The first question that a plastic surgeon should ask his client is „whether he really feels the need to undergo the surgery or is it just a whim of the moment?”. According to Dr. Vaičiūnas, out of all whose who plan to improve their appearance with plastic surgery only 30-40% actually go through surgical operations.

„It is not correct to think that plastic surgeons actually perform surgery on every person who expresses the wish undergo it. The period from the first consultation to the surgery itself can be as long as several weeks. It is crucial to first listen to your client, find out his wishes, understand his expectations. Not the surgery itself, but the client and a professional conversation with him or her is our biggest task.”

Dr. R.Vaičiūnas, plastic surgeon at the DR Clinic says that the final decision should always be made by the client after the extensive consultation. However, if the client’s expectations are not aligned with the reality, the surgeon retains the right to refuse to operate. In his words, „without ethics there is no aesthetics – this is the principle we follow at our work”.

Ask as much as you can

If a person has made up his mind the doctors encourage to ask as many questions as possible.

„There are no stupid questions. The more questions the client asks, the more hopes and fears he or she speaks out about, the more relevant is the help he receives. There are cases where a simple conversation or minimally intrusive procedure is enough to solve the problem,” – explains Dr. Dainius Balčiūnas, plastic and re-constructive surgeon at DR Clinic, the only doctor in Lithuania currently offering a modern stem cell skin regeneration procedure „SVF Cure”.

This procedure involves taking stem cells from client’s fat tissue and injecting them to the problematic skin areas, thus effectively stimulating natural regeneration of the skin, the results of which last significantly longer than a temporary effect of chemical substances.

Unrealistic expectations won’t be entertained

When talking to specialists it is important to take your time. Doctors emphasize that they are always cautious of the clients who want to set up a date for surgery during the first phone call – it is important to get properly acquainted with the clients and understand his real expectations.

Some clients know exactly what they want to look like after the plastic surgery – usually their wishes are dictated by popular culture via magazines or television.

„Sometimes we get clients who bring a popular magazine to a consultation, show us a picture of some celebrity and express their desire to have the exact same forehead, lips or cheeks as a certain fashion model or movie star. If their wishes are unrealistic – we refuse to perform surgery,” claims Dr. Balčiūnas.

The doctors make it very clear, that the decision to undergo surgery should only be made after they know the reason for it, the desired outcome and what it entails.

„We are responsible for each client, that’s why it is crucial that every client is confident and happy before and after each procedure. From the very first consultation a plastic surgeon is providing a psychological service of listening and creating a sense of trust. Because plastic surgery is not only changes on the outside you can observe, but also the inner change, the one that brings self-confidence, self-esteem and improve a person’s emotional state of being,” says Dr. Vaičiūnas.

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