SVF Cure treatment

SVF-CURE is a procedure patented by Lithuanian scientists’ for manufacturing autologous stromal vascular fraction (SVF) stem cell treatment from clients adipose tissue by using biotechnological methods with minimal surgical intervention. When this stem cell treatment is injected to problematic sites, it can restore the damaged tissue functions, reduce pain. SVF-CURE treatments are applied for both aesthetic and medical reasons: to treat skin conditions (for eliminating skin irregularities, burns, etc.) and for anti-ageing reasons; to restore damaged joints’ functions, eliminate or reduce pain; as well as treating critical limb ischemia and peripheral arterial diseases’ conditions, including those patients who are not eligible for conventional treatment .


Scientific studies have shown that SVF stem cells stimulate the body’s own long-term capacity to restore damaged, wrinkled skin or skin with lost elasticity without causing side effects. Adipose tissue SVF stem cells activate skin cells (fibroblasts and keratinocytes), which promote skin’s regeneration and healing of the treated area.

SVF-CURE treatment helps your skin to regain freshness, smoothness and plasticity. The stem cells derived from your own adipose tissue allow the skin to naturally regenerate, rejuvenate and become beautiful again. Adipose tissue SVF stem cells help to reverse all changes that naturally occur with age. It allows to keep young looks much longer and to avoid plastic surgeries.

SVF stem cell-based face injection’s procedure is an ideal alternative for usage of chemical or surgical methods. SVF cells are collected from easily accessible adipose tissue (fat) with minimal surgical intervention.

Indications for using adipose tissue cells for beauty procedures:

Depending on the natural concentration of stem cells in the adipose tissue and the amount of adipose tissue collected, there can be prepared from one to up to six injections of SVF treatments, which the patient can use over the chosen period of time. Isolated SVF cells can be stored at JSC “Froceth” certified cell bank. The tissue is stored in special cryoconservation tubes and packed in individual boxes. Those boxes are stored nitrogen vapors in specialized nitrogen tanks at -1960C to guarantee sterility and quality of the stem cells.

The main differences between the PRP (platelet rich plasma), SVF-CURE, hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin procedures:

Procedure Advantages Drawbacks Recommendations
PRP Fast and safe procedure. Own cells are emaciated. Initiation of sudden regeneration (may initiate connective tissue (scar) formation). Correction of wrinkles. Recommended as complementary tool to other intervention procedures.
SVF-CURE Safe procedure. Use of own cells (autologuos procedure). Initiation of natural regeneration. Long lasting effect – lasts longer than 12 months after the procedure. Part of collected adipose tissue can be saved “for another time”. Possibility to froze now and use later. The process takes up to 3-4 hours. Required to perform liposuction. Systematic facial rejuvenation. Reduction of scar zones after surgery, in particular plastic. Facial refinement. Improvement of skin texture and condition.
Hyaluronic acid Fast and safe procedure. Short effect. Correction of wrinkles.
Botulinum injections Fast (10-15 min) procedure. Softened or completely smoothed mimic wrinkles. Temporary (4-6 months.) Side effects due to overdose or wrong administration: upper eyelids or eyebrows come down, swollen forehead, developed muscle weakness. Smoothing of the forehead, bridge of the nose, eye wrinkles at external sidelong (when they are still shallow), adjustment of the corner of the lips, and others. In case of deep wrinkles, the procedure has to be repeated.



It has been observed that SVF cells possess a very strongly expressed regenerative potential for restoring damaged joints functions and vascular issues, able to help with the following health-related problems:

It has been observed that a local injection of SVF cells accelerates the healing of ligament breaks and restores circular muscle function.
Clinical application of SVF cells in more than 1,000 patients who suffered from stage III-IV osteoarthritis showed that, in the majority of cases, after the procedure patients no longer needed joint replacement surgery; painkillers consumption was significantly reduced and joint mobility was restored for a long term (up to 17 months.).

Indications for using adipose tissue cells to restore joint functions:

Another important area of SVF-CURE application is for vascular problems’ treatment. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is one of the major health care problems in our ageing society. It results in obstruction of the blood supply to the lower or upper extremities. Intermittent claudication and rest pain are the main symptoms of limb ischemia. Critical limb ischemia (CLI) is the most advanced stage of PAD. It often coincides with ischemic ulceration and/or gangrene, and significantly decreases a patient’s quality of life.

Clinical studies demonstrate that the multiple intramuscular SVF cell injections stimulate regeneration of injured tissue and are effective alternative to achieve therapeutic angiogenesis in CLI patients who are not eligible for conventional treatment.

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