Facial ageing is being stopped by own stem cells

Daily facial care with creams and masks. Done. The intake of two liters of water. Done. Avoidance of any direct sun light. Done. That‘s how strict are rules for saving facial beauty. Doctors often remark that women pay much more attention to the external things yet take less care of the skin from the inside.

„As years pass by, rejuvenation processes slow down and signs of tiredness become more visible, some wrinkles start to show up. And then sufficient amount of water or quality creams are not enough to save your beauty. The means are good, yet their effectiveness is too small to initiate visible long term improvements. In order to regain vitality, skin cells need energy and stimulation for rejuvenation“,- says Dr. Dainius Balciunas, plastic and reconstructive surgeon of DR Clinic.

At the moment Dr. Balciunas is the only professional in the country, licensed to perform one of the most advanced and modern skin rejuvenation treatments- SVF Cure, created and patented by Lithuanian scientists. During the procedure, stem cells are extracted from own adipose tissue and later inserted into the problematic areas so that to stimulate skin cell nourishment from inside. It is noticed, that after the treatment ageing caused skin defects start to disappear and ageing processes are remarkably slowed down.

„Stem cells are building stones of our body, they serve as nuclear energy sources, which stimulates regeneration of other cells. After the treatment the skin revitalizes, the process of rejuvenation may last up to several years and the effect is long lasting. The ability to employ inner sources of the body to rejuvenate and revitalize is the future of medicine“,- says Dr. Balciunas.

SVF are stromal vascular fraction cells, in the laboratory derived stem cell concentrate from adipose tissue. First you need to perform a simple liposuction procedure. Once it is done, the patient’s fat is transported to Good Manufacturing Practice laboratory. There, technicians release stem cells from the adipose tissue and prepare the product for injection. Stem cell preparation is returned to the clinic, where the patient’s problematic areas of ​​skin are treated by performing stem cell injections.

„The stem cells of adipose tissue are used not only for beauty purposes, but also to treat skin burns, lack of firmness, scar reduction. This SVF Cure treatment allows to avoid certain plastic surgeries“, -stresses Dr. Balciunas.

The doctor also points out that “SVF Cure procedure is autologous, which means that patient‘s own tissues are used to derive the treatment. Stem cells extracted from the adipose tissue can only be used for the same patient. Stem cell preparation process takes about 3-4 hours. Part of the isolated stem cells are used immediately. Others are frozen and can be used for several more procedures after a few months, years or even a few decades.

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