Stem cells derived from the own adipose tissue are often called future of medicine

Stem cells derived from the own adipose tissue are often called future of medicine. They are used for slowing down ageing processes, rejuvenation of face or neck skin, treatment of worn out joints. In the near future the innovative stem cell treatments will become more widely available because a unified legislation for extraction of stem cells and application for treatment is prepared.

It took around one and a half years to prepare the methodology. In March last year the treatment was legally confirmed and Lithuania became leading country in the Baltics with this technology.

According to Dr.Dainius Balciunas, plastic surgeon of DR Clinic, the methodology will assure high standards of practise and contribute to the advancement of Lithuanian medicine practise.

Following special courses and certification, doctors will be allowed to use the innovative patented stem cell treatment technology SVF CURE in their daily practise.

„The SVF are stromal vascular fraction cells, stem cells taken from from adipose tissue using biotechnological methods at the laboratory and involved in certain tissues‘ regeneration (skin, cartilage, blood vessels, blood cells), as well as accumulation of stocks. The patient’s adipose tissue isolated stem cell injections are carried out in the problematic areas of the body, “- said D. Balčiūnas.

Stem cells are isolated from adipose tissue at Tissue Bank laboratory which meets Standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice. The laboratory employs the most qualified scientists and medical professionals who have acquired international experience in the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden and Israel. The Tissue Bank is the most important partner for medical practices of stem cell treatments in Lithuania and the scientific base.

The SVF CURE method, developed by scientists at the Tissue Bank laboratory allows to isolate from 50 to 300 million stem cells form adipose tissue, which is much more than what can be achieved with other similar stem cell isolation techniques.

Part of the isolated stem cells used immediately for the injections. The remaining stem cells can be frozen at the licensed for the practise Tissue Bank (JSC Froceth).

SVF procedure is autologous. From the patient’s adipose tissue isolated stem cells can be used only for his own body healing or regeneration.

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