Breast augmentation

Female breasts have always been a powerful symbol of femininity and sexuality. The shape of breasts changes as time passes, with reduced firmness, lost elasticity and sagging. This often happens not only for the aged and post-pregnancy women.

Breast augmentation surgery is performed to enlarge a naturally small breast, to restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or achieve better symmetry in case of visible disproportion in size and shape.

If you are planning the breast augmentation surgery, a consultation with your breast augmentation surgeon is essential, to openly express your wishes and expectations, since this is of extreme importance for the final result.

Breast augmentation surgery is the surgical placement of round or a teardrop shaped (“anatomical”) implants filled with physiological serum or silicone gel.

The consultation includes evaluation of anthropometric data on which the surgery results and breast form will depend: patient’s body weight, constitution, and height; natural size, shape and symmetry of breasts; location of the nipple; breast skin elasticity; shape and dimensions of the chest wall.

During the consultation you will discuss and agree the main surgical aspects with your surgeon:

Round-shaped implants are ideal for women with firm, non saggy round-shaped natural breast wishing a simple breast enlargement.

Teardrop-shaped (“anatomical”) implants should be chosen by women who have the breasts of similar shape. They are a good option for those patients who wish less fullness in the upper part of the breast.

A 3D simulation technique may be used during the consultation to help a patient better imagine the potential size and shape of the breast after the surgery.

The surgery is performed under the general anesthesia, with the surgery duration of about 2 hours.

The incision placement is selected during the consultation.

Important to know:

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