Breast lift

Over time the skin elasticity is lost, with degeneration of glandular and adipose tissues of breasts, the breasts sag and lose their youthful shape. Saggy breasts may be a post-pregnancy result, the consequence of weight loss or aging. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and usually takes up to 3 hours.

Several surgery techniques may be applied for the breast lift surgery. The most suitable approach is specifically defined based on individual cases, considering the shape of the breasts, the extent of sagging as well as the patient’s wishes.

A breast lift is frequently performed in conjunction with the surgery of breast augmentation by silicon gel-filled implants.

During the surgery the nipple and the areola are repositioned by lifting them and removing the excess skin from the lower part of the breast.

When closing the wound a breast contour is lifted to the higher position and this way the breasts are given a more youthful shape.

In case the breasts are minimally sagged, their shape may be corrected by the teardrop-shaped or so-called “anatomical” silicone gel-filled implants, making an incision around the nipple areola and at the same time removing the excess skin. Thus, the nipple is slightly relocated, the breast volume enhanced, with the post-surgical scar remaining only around the nipple.

In more severe cases a breast lift involves an anchor or an inverted T-shape incision which allows to remove some larger amount of excessive skin and glandular tissue located in the lower pole of the breast. The resulting post-surgical scar remains around the areola, extending down in a vertical line and in the fold under the breast.

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